Saturday , August 17 2019
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ACLU Opposes Medical Marijuana Ban at Rhode Island Veterans Home


The Rhode Island ACLU, in conjunction with other organizations, strongly voice their opposition for banning veterans at the Rhode Island Veterans Home from accessing medical marijuana. PTSD is a qualifying condition in the state. Medical marijuana has been legal in Rhode Island since 2006.

Six organizations have come out with information from the media highlighting how well medical marijuana can work for PTSD, especially in veterans, the Providence Journal cites. Since the Veterans Home receives federal funding, it creates a roadblock for veterans in the state. Marijuana is still federally illegal, which adds another layer of issues to getting access to veterans.

DHS received testimony that read, “The Veterans Home is a creation of state law, no provision in federal law bars the allowance of medical marijuana use at the Home,” and that federal policy provides that veterans “must not be denied [Veterans Health Administration] services solely because they are participating in state-approved marijuana programs.”

Regulations require clarification so that veterans can access medical marijuana.

It is not said when a decision or clarification will be made regarding the issue.