Friday , May 24 2019
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Smithfield Adopting its Own Medical Marijuana Rules

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The town of Smithfield is adopting its own marijuana regulations. It is banning caregivers and is limiting how many marijuana plants a patient can grow. Their municipal limit is far lower than the state’s limits.

The American Civil Liberties Union agrees and has been in court to argue those same points, according to Turn to 10. Since the case is now in court, Town Council President Paul Santucci has refused to comment. A ruling in the case is expected on September 25. Superior Court judge Richard Licht will deliver the verdict.

Rhode Island Patient Advocate Joanne Leppanen said, “It’s an important medicine for them. What this does – it takes away their right to grow the plants that they need. It takes away their caregivers. And by what right? It was passed by the legislature.”

Attorney John Meara said, “It’s the city assuming the role of physician and usurping the authority the state statute gives the department of business regulation and department of health, and reaching into the medicine cabinets of the citizens of Smithfield and preventing them from using medical marijuana in line with the state statute.”