Thursday , October 6 2022
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Momentum Builds in Rhode Island to Legalize Recreational Marijuana

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Rhode Island lawmakers are seriously discussing recreational marijuana legalization. The East Greenwich town council held a meeting to discuss what residents can expect if recreational marijuana does become legal. The meeting was in an effort to educate the residents and listen to concerns.

Joee Lindbeck attended the town hall meeting to discuss her thoughts regarding zoning issues, according to Rhode Island Central. East Greenwich has been “on-the-ball” when it comes to zoning and regulation when it comes to marijuana. The town requires a special use permit for compassion centers.

Lindbeck said, “I will say this, your town has been a leader in this state about zoning ordinances of medical marijuana.”

Other concerns discussed included increased hospital visits from first-time or inexperienced marijuana users in other states and use of edibles.

So far, East Greenwich isn’t supportive of recreational marijuana shops opening in town. Some of the concern comes from information supplied to lawmakers from Colorado. They claim that not all the information is really made publicly available and that legalization hasn’t been all positive.

The discussions will continue, but Rhode Island lawmakers haven’t determined whether recreational marijuana will be legalized or not yet.